NOMOS Glashütte: Modern Minimalism And Maverick Spirit

Some luxury watch brands are all about flash, pomp, and bling. Others keep a low profile and let their impeccable engineering speak for itself. Like NOMOS Glashütte.

The German watchmaker is carving out its own uncontested niche by creating Bauhaus-style timepieces with a refreshing emphasis on just the essentials. Removing all the fussy and superfluous elements, NOMOS produces high-end watches with in-house movements whose clean-lined geometry offers a lesson in serene simplicity and distraction-free elegance

Oh, and they’re pretty affordable too. 

At a glance

nomos glashutte brand logo - Luxe Digital
Industry: Watches Founded: 1990
Headquarters: Germany Founder: Roland Schwertner
Watch Collections: dress watches and sports watches Parent organization: Independently owned

NOMOS Glashütte watch price

How much does a NOMOS Glashütte watch cost? 

The starting price for a NOMOS Glashütte Tangente is $1,760 for the Tangente 33 but the most expensive NOMOS Tangente watches can be up to $4,980. NOMOS Glashütte watch prices for a NOMOS Metro start at $2,560 for a Metro 38 and NOMOS watch prices for a NOMOS Club start at $1,500 for a NOMOS Club Campus. The most expensive NOMOS Glashütte watches can cost up to $20,000. 

What is the most expensive NOMOS Glashütte watch?

The most expensive NOMOS Glashütte watch is the NOMOS Lambda in white gold, at $20,000. Equally expensive, and released at the same time, is the NOMOS Lux. Both are limited to 100 pieces. 

Check out our guide to see how this compares to the world’s most expensive watches.

What is the cheapest NOMOS Glashütte watch? 

The cheapest NOMOS Glashütte watch is a NOMOS Club Campus at $1,500. The cheapest NOMOS Tangente is a NOMOS Tangente 33 at $1,760. The cheapest NOMOS Metro is a NOMOS Metro 38 at $2,560. 

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About NOMOS Glashütte

History of NOMOS Glashütte

NOMOS Glashütte was founded in 1990 by photographer and computer enthusiast Roland Schwertner, only two months after the fall of the Berlin wall. 

In 1991, a year after the company was founded, NOMOS launched its first line of timepieces. This collection included the NOMOS Orion, NOMOS Ludwig, NOMOS Tetra, and NOMOS Tangente, all unisex and all designed by Susanne Gunther and with the same classic 1930s Bauhaus style

By 2003, NOMOS was creating its own in-house movements. The NOMOS Epsilon was the brand’s first self-winding movement and it featured inside the NOMOS Tangomat while the NOMOS Alpha was the first manual movement and featured in the reworked NOMOS Tangente. 

In 2007 the NOMOS Club was launched, slightly more playful than the brand’s previous models. 

Then, in 2013, the brand launched its Deutsche Uhrenwekre (DUW) line of calibers, followed by its in-house escapement (the ticking assortment at the heart of every mechanical movement) called the NOMOS Swing System. This allowed them to produce their own watches entirely from scratch. 

The NOMOS Metro was the first watch to incorporate this swing system and was designed by award-winning industrial designer Mark Braun. It offered a more colorful alternative to the brand’s typically low-key designs. 

In 2015 came the NOMOS Minimatik with an ultra-thin design and softly curved lugs. Next was the NOMOS At Work collection, launched in 2017 and designed for everyday wear by modern professionals. Each featured the ultra-thin Neomatik automatic movement. 

The NOMOS Club Campus was released that same year, offering entry-level timepieces with a pared-back design, intended as graduation gifts. 

In 2018, the NOMOS Tangente 41 Update won the Challenge category at the Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genève, an award that recognizes the best competing watch that costs less than CHF 4,000. The Tangente Update has an innovative mechanism that indicates the date on the edge of the dial with two red dots.

Interesting facts about NOMOS Glashütte

  • NOMOS means law in Greek while Glashütte refers to the town where NOMOS watches are made. 
  • NOMOS has won almost 140 international awards for its watches. 
  • NOMOS is one of the few luxury watch brands that has mastered gender-neutral styling and successfully marketed its men’s watches to women too. 
  • Today, NOMOS Glashütte produces more mechanical watches than any other manufacturer in Germany. 
  • NOMOS remains privately owned, unlike many other luxury watch brands that have since been acquired by large conglomerates like the Richemont Group or LVMH. 
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NOMOS Glashütte product range

NOMOS watches are distinguished by their gender-neutral styling and minimalist aesthetic as well as their ultra-slim cases. The NOMOS Glashütte product range can be roughly grouped into four categories. 

First, you have the original watches released in 1991, designed by Susanne Gunther and with typical Bauhaus style. These are the NOMOS Orion, NOMOS Ludwig, NOMOS Tetra, and NOMOS Tangente. All have sleek circular dials apart from the square-shaped NOMOS Tetra. 

Then you have the brand’s more modern collections. This includes the NOMOS Metro, designed by Mark Braun, an award-winning timepiece that features the brand’s innovative swing system. There’s also the NOMOS Minimatik, NOMOS Zurich, and NOMOS Tangomat, an evolution of the NOMOS Tangente. 

In addition, you have the company’s more sporty timepieces with the NOMOS Club, automotive-inspired NOMOS Autobahn, and nautical-influenced NOMOS Ahoi, all relatively robust and with improved water resistance. 

Finally there are the brand’s most luxurious watches, the NOMOS Lux and the NOMOS Lambda, significantly more expensive than the other collections and available in rose gold or white gold.  

Signature materials and craftsmanship

One of the best testaments to NOMOS Glashütte’s impressive craftsmanship is the creation of its own escapement system. Creating an escapement is a monumentally difficult task. These super fine components have a minuscule margin of error. NOMOS achieved the almost impossible and unveiled its own escapement at Baselworld in 2014, powering the NOMOS Metro. 

NOMOS makes its own in-house movements, all highly decorated with three-quarter Glashütte plates, Glashütte sunbursts, and Glashütte stripes (hallmarks of quality Glashütte watches) as well as tempered blue screws, rhodium plating, and perlage. Most NOMOS watches have exhibition case backs so you can admire the movement at work. 

The NOMOS automatic caliber DUW 3001 was another of the brand’s most significant innovations. This ultra-flat caliber is so slim it could hide behind a stack of nine postage stamps. 

NOMOS Glashütte has also been recognized for its commitment to sustainable design. Cooling oil, metal filings, and used brass blanks, for example, are all converted back into raw materials after production. Water used to rinse newly produced parts is purified and recycled. And by making the majority of its parts on-site and in-house, the brand can shorten supply chains and reduce emissions.

Where is NOMOS Glashütte made?

NOMOS watches are made in the small town of Glashütte, Germany’s watchmaking heartland, and where other famous watchmakers such as A. Lange & Söhne also produce their timepieces. The NOMOS factory is a converted train station. The company also has a creative studio in central Berlin where design and branding take place. 

Brand values

Vegan options: No
Carbon-neutral: No
Gives back: Yes

NOMOS Glashütte watches 

NOMOS Glashütte Tangente

nomos glashutte brand nomos glashutte tangente - Luxe Digital

The prize-winning NOMOS Tangente exemplifies everything that makes NOMOS watches so sought-after. With sharp lines, perfect proportions, and a choice of hand-wound or automatic movements, the NOMOS Tangente is wonderfully easy on the eye, not to mention incredibly reliable and precise. Variations on the classic Tangente include the robust Tangente Sport which can be worn diving and the 32.8 mm Tangente 33 duo.  

Price: $1,760 – $4,980
First release year: 1992
Current case size:  32.8 mm – 42 mm
Movement: Manual and automatic
Water resistance: 30 m – 300 m
Crystal: Sapphire

NOMOS Glashütte Metro

nomos glashutte brand nomos glashutte metro - Luxe Digital

The original NOMOS Metro, as designed by Berlin’s legendary industrial designer, Mark Braun, wowed design prize juries with its unique aesthetic that reassembled intricate measuring tools. In this iconic NOMOS collection, you can expect ultra-fine hands, colorful hour indexes, a power reserve indicator that doubles as an aesthetic feature, and sapphire crystal glass backs where you can watch the NOMOS caliber DUW 3001 at work. 

Price: $2,560 – $10,920
First release year: 2014
Current case size:  33 mm – 40.5 mm
Movement: Manual and automatic
Water resistance: 30 m – 50 m
Crystal: Sapphire

NOMOS Glashütte Ludwig

nomos glashutte brand nomos glashutte ludwig - Luxe Digital

A contemporary reinterpretation of classic design codes, the NOMOS Ludwig was one of the brand’s first timepieces and features Roman numerals, indexes, and a superbly slender bezel and lugs, altogether creating a vision of understated allure. The dream watch for minimalists who want a timekeeper that’s traditional but will still turn heads. 

Price: $1,380 – $10,140
First release year: 1991
Current case size:  32.8 mm – 40.5 mm
Movement: Manual and automatic
Water resistance: 30 m – 50 m
Crystal: Sapphire

NOMOS Glashütte Orion

nomos glashutte brand nomos glashutte orion - Luxe Digital

This fabulously minimalist NOMOS watch showcases Bauhaus style at its best. With everything reduced to the absolute essentials, the NOMOS Orion is a true lesson in less is more. Variations on the original include a NOMOS Orion 33 Duo, perfect for slender wrists, a larger NOMOS Orion with a long-distance date, legible from further away, and the NOMOS Orion Neomatik with its DUW 3001 automatic movement. 

Price: $1,600 – $4,350
First release year: 1991
Current case size:  32.8 mm – 40.5 mm
Movement: Manual and automatic
Water resistance: 30 m – 50 m
Crystal: Sapphire

NOMOS Glashütte Tetra

nomos glashutte brand nomos glashutte tetra - Luxe Digital

The crisp and compelling NOMOS Tetra is all about the angles—essentially a square version of the NOMOS Tangente. This timepiece is certainly recognizable and perfect for those who want something eye-catching without being too extravagant. And an alluring array of dial colors is on offer, from midnight blue to matcha to azure, and you can pick between automatic and manual movements. 

Price: $3,860 – $3,980
First release year: 1991
Current case size:  27.5 mm x 27.5 mm, 29.5 x 29.5 mm, or 33 mm x 33 mm
Movement: Automatic and manual
Water resistance: 30 m
Crystal: Sapphire

NOMOS Glashütte Minimatik

nomos glashutte brand nomos glashutte minimatik - Luxe Digital

The pure and classic NOMOS Minimatik is the watch with which NOMOS Glashütte launched its high-end caliber DUW 3001. With this super slender movement inside, it’s an ultra-slim timepiece, ideal for slipping under the cuff of a shirt with your black-tie getup. Almost the archetype of a traditional wristwatch, but more refined and effortlessly cool, the NOMOS Minimatik is available with three dial colors: white, champagne, or midnight blue. 

Price: $3,680 – $3,800
First release year: 2015
Current case size:  35.5 mm
Movement: Automatic
Water resistance: 30 m
Crystal: Sapphire

NOMOS Glashütte Club

nomos glashutte brand nomos glashutte club - Luxe Digital

These are the NOMOS watches for the busy modern professionals who don’t want to waste any time between work and play. Aesthetically pleasing enough to elevate your workday attire while being robust enough to survive a dip in the pool or even go diving, the robust NOMOS Club watches vary from the Club Sport—straightforward sophistication in a performance watch—to the youthful, affordable, and compact Club Campus.

Price: $1,500 – $3,960
First release year: 2007
Current case size:  36 mm – 42 mm
Movement: Automatic and manual
Water resistance: 100 m – 300 m
Crystal: Sapphire

NOMOS Glashütte Ahoi

nomos glashutte brand nomos glashutte ahoi - Luxe Digital

The NOMOS Ahoi watch family sees the German brand extend its offerings to include sports watches. The nautical-inspired NOMOS Ahoi offers the same quintessential Bauhaus cool, with its flat and cylindrical profile, but with added robustness. This makes it the ideal timepiece for a weekend out on the water, whether it’s on the deck of a yacht or chilling by the marina, and a refreshing alternative to typical overbuilt and chunky sports watches. 

Price: $3,580 – $4,320
First release year: 2013
Current case size:  36.3 mm – 40.3 mm
Movement: Automatic
Water resistance: 200 m
Crystal: Sapphire

NOMOS Glashütte Autobahn

nomos glashutte brand nomos glashutte autobahn - Luxe Digital

This trio of racing-inspired NOMOS watches was created in collaboration with Werner Aisslinger and Tina Bunyaprasit from Studio Aisslinger and pays homage to mid-century automotive style. There’s also the NOMOS Autobahn Director’s Cut Limited Edition models, inspired by 80s car dashboards, one of which features a luminous tangerine ring against a white dial for a super sporty and fun vibe. 

Price: $4,800 
First release year: 2018
Current case size:  41 mm
Movement: Automatic
Water resistance: 100 m
Crystal: Sapphire

NOMOS Glashütte Tangomat

nomos glashutte brand nomos glashutte tangomat - Luxe Digital

Refered to by NOMOS Glashütte as the Tangente’s big brother, the NOMOS Tangomat features the same no frills case and dial but is a little larger and more robust than its sibling timekeeper. Its automatic caliber is known for its outstanding accuracy and exceptional winding rate and there’s also a GMT version for frequent fliers. 

Price: $2,980 – $4,920
First release year: 2003
Current case size:  38.3 mm – 40 mm
Movement: Automatic
Water resistance: 30 m
Crystal: Sapphire

NOMOS Glashütte Zurich

nomos glashutte brand nomos glashutte zurich - Luxe Digital

Uniting expert engineering and mechanics with masterfully elegant aesthetics, the NOMOS Zurich is available with a date function or a world time function that allows you to switch effortlessly between time zones with a simple click of a button. All come with a Horween Genuine Shell Cordovan strap, an ultra-exclusive leather that takes six months to produce. 

Price: $4,180 – $6,100
First release year: 2008
Current case size:  39.8 – 39.9 mm
Movement: Automatic
Water resistance: 30 m
Crystal: Sapphire

NOMOS Glashütte Lux

nomos glashutte brand nomos glashutte lux - Luxe Digital

One of the most luxurious NOMOS Glashütte watch collections, the NOMOS Lux is the only NOMOS watch with a barrel-shaped case. These compelling tonneau watches combine gorgeous materials with a streamlined Bauhaus aesthetic and feature manual movements with 84-hour power reserves. They’re available in rose gold or white gold. 

Price: $19,500 – $21,500
First release year: 2013
Current case size:  34 mm x 38.5 mm or 36 mm x 40.5 mm
Movement: Manual
Water resistance: 30 m
Crystal: Sapphire

NOMOS Glashütte Lambda

nomos glashutte brand nomos glashutte lambda - Luxe Digital

Like the NOMOS Lux, the NOMOS Lambda is the company’s high-end horology offering. With the DUW 1001 caliber ticking away inside, complete with its 84-hour power reserve, the Lambda also features a hand-engraved balance cock. Note the supremely fine dial as well as the hand-beveled edges, sunbeam polishing, and gold chatons. The Lambda is available in white or rose gold, along with a hefty price tag.  

Price: $17,000 – $20,000
First release year: 2013
Current case size:  39 mm – 42 mm
Movement: Manual
Water resistance: 30 m
Crystal: Sapphire

Where to buy NOMOS Glashütte watches

You can buy NOMOS watches online from the company’s website or in-person from one of the brand’s authorized retailers, listed here. Watches come with a warranty of two years. You can also buy NOMOS Glashütte watches from Mr Porter, where the authenticity of the timepiece can be guaranteed. 

For more about buying a luxury watch, see our watch guide

NOMOS Glashütte shipping

NOMOS Glashütte offers complimentary shipping. If you’re an international customer, the relevant customs charges, value-added taxes, and any other costs are included in the order price. You simply pay what is displayed on the NOMOS store. 

For orders to US customers, US Customs may request your IRS, EIN, or SSN number if your order is over $2,500. You’ll have a week to provide this information before your order is returned to NOMOS Glashütte. There are no taxes, import duties, or other fees, however. 

Mr Porter offers international shipping for different fees depending on the country. 

NOMOS Glashütte return policy

You can return your watch to NOMOS Glashütte for a full refund, no questions asked, within 14 days of delivery. If you are returning an order from outside Germany, the company can arrange to pick it up and cover both shipping and insurance costs. Simply send an email to 

Mr Porter allows returns within 28 days. 

NOMOS Glashütte customer service number

If you have any questions about your NOMOS Glashütte watch order, contact the company’s customer service department on +49 35053 404 961.

NOMOS Glashütte social media profiles

Frequently asked questions about NOMOS Glashütte watches

Is NOMOS worth the price?

NOMOS Glashütte watches are worth the price thanks to their impeccable German engineering and timeless minimalist style. In fact, they are some of the more affordable luxury watches, with a starting price of $1,500 for a NOMOS Club Campus.

Is NOMOS owned by Glashütte?

NOMOS is not owned by Glashütte but in fact makes watches in the German town of Glashütte. Hence the name, NOMOS Glashütte. NOMOS is Greek for law. For more about NOMOS Glashütte, including products and prices, see our NOMOS guide.

Are NOMOS luxury watches?

NOMOS watches are luxury watches although their affordable price makes them more accessible than other luxury watches. Their quality and accuracy remain equal to that of other luxury watch brands. For more about NOMOS, see our NOMOS guide.

Where is NOMOS Glashütte made?

NOMOS Glashütte watches are made in the German town of Glashütte, Germany’s watchmaking hub, where other German watch brands like A. Lange & Söhne also have manufacturing facilities. The company also has a creative studio in Berlin. 


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