Donald Trump's most historic and dishonest press conference

Trump knows that defeat is imminent, and so he no longer felt the need to stay even remotely tethered to reality.         READ SOURCE

Donald Trump's attack on election integrity cries for Republican come-to-Goldwater moment

Our View: It's time for GOP elders to truly put America first and stand up for the nation's democratic processes.         READ SOURCE

America Chooses Divided Government

Divided nation, divided outcome. Votes are still being counted, nothing is certain, but it looks as...

2020's Biggest Election Losers

The jury is still out on who’ll occupy the Oval Office, but America’s verdict on liberal...

Philadelphia's Antireligious Cruelty

Philadelphia's Antireligious Cruelty READ SOURCE

Susan Collins and Majorities

Susan Collins of Maine is the Senator many conservatives love to disdain, but this week her...

Joe Biden's Non-Mandate

Joe Biden's Non-Mandate READ SOURCE

Election results: Vote challenger chaos in Detroit was white privilege on steroids

The chaos that erupted at the TCF Center in Detroit during vote counting highlights white privilege and voter suppression.         READ SOURCE

In midst of coronavirus pandemic, rural America desperately needs more doctors like me

The shortages are so severe, I've been on call almost every night for 10 years. Foreign-born physicians can help, but we're tied down,...

Has Trump Turned Arizona Blue?

Has Trump Turned Arizona Blue? READ SOURCE