The GOP Lawsuits Fight Back

The College Covid Scare

Don't change election laws this late

Opposing View: Anthony Fauci says in-person voting is safe with precautions. And widespread voting by mail could be dangerous to election integrity.         READ SOURCE...

The Truth About People of Praise

I strongly felt in the winter of 2016 that it was right and wise to hold off on a replacement for Justice Antonin...

Counting absentee ballots shouldn't wait until Election Day

Our View: Yet battlegrounds Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin aren't the only states that prevent poll workers from tallying votes until Nov. 3.         READ SOURCE

Supreme Court term limits do not require a constitutional amendment

Democrats can join with conservative colleagues who embrace term limits and ensure that an elderly bench doesn't determine our country's direction.         READ SOURCE

What's the big idea? 3 proposed solutions for reducing economic inequality.

Economic inequality in the United States is real and deeply damaging to the living standards of the vast majority of families.         READ SOURCE

What Will Michael Avenatti Say About Amy Coney Barrett?

If Amy Coney Barrett is nominated to fill the Supreme Court seat vacated by the late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, will the federal...

Grand jury made right call in Breonna Taylor case

Breonna Taylor's death has stirred justified concern, but evidence shows that the grand jury's decision to indict only officer Hankison is correct.         READ SOURCE...