Facebook Launches New 'Disruptor Hub' to Outline How Businesses are Seeing Major Growth Online

Facebook has launched a new resource hub for high growth online companies which outlines how they're seeing growth and boosting performance. READ SOURCE

Facebook Expands Search Ads Availability, Adds Search Results to Automatic Placements

Facebook is giving more businesses access to its search ads, which will appear in general and Marketplace queries. READ SOURCE

Snapchat Launches 'Dynamic Ads' Which Will Create Ads Based on Uploaded Product Catalogs

Snapchat has launched a new ad offering which will optimize your campaign based on uploaded product listings. READ SOURCE

Facebook Tests 'Suggested Time' Feature for Scheduled Posts

Facebook is working on a new 'Suggested' scheduling option to help Page admins reach their audiences when they're most active. READ SOURCE

Facebook Announces Change to Organic Page Impressions, Removal of Gray Verification Badges

Facebook is removing its gray verified ticks for Pages, while its also making a change to how organic impressions are calculated. READ SOURCE

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