Netflix/Nike Collab Looks Like The Future Of Streaming Commerce

Those Netflix
subscribers with a New Year’s resolution to get in shape can now pursue their fitness goals using exclusive content from one of the biggest names in athletics.

has partnered with Netflix on an initiative called the Nike Training Club, which consists of an initial 46 videos of exercise content that are now available on the streaming platform, according to Deadline. The entire series will feature 30 hours of “motivating exercise sessions” and is available in multiple languages.

The Nike Training Club content on Netflix is broken out into segments with titles like “10 Minute Workouts,” “20 Minute Workouts,” “Bodyweight Burn” and “High Intensity Training,” each of which contain multiple short episodes. The series offers an array of different types of guided exercise, such as cardio and yoga.

“As predicted, Netflix was just getting started in strategic partnerships when it hooked up with Walmart
,” wrote Carol Spieckerman of Spieckerman Retail in an online discussion about the subject on RetailWire last week. “The cool thing about Netflix is that it can move in many directions (content, product, proprietary content), allowing the platform to differentiate its partnerships. Nice move!”

Some other industry experts on the RetailWire BrainTrust shared similar sentiments and saw particular advantages on both ends of the relationship.

“I absolutely love this collaboration with Nike and Netflix. It checks so many boxes for cross-brand alignment, customer engagement, going where customers gather (virtually), etc.,” wrote Dave Bruno, director of retail market insights at Aptos

“It is a brilliant move,” wrote David Slavick, partner at Ascendant Loyalty. “When you have the resources and the brand likability plus a partner with the reach of Netflix – perfect match!”

“This is brilliant, but especially for Nike,” wrote Melissa Minkow, director of Retail Strategy at C&T. “The accessibility of Netflix as a workout platform will bring new users to the training app/loyalty program. Additionally, as Netflix minimizes the number of people on an account, this is a new incentive for people previously on someone else’s to subscribe.”

The branding of Nike’s new Netflix series is not only consistent with, but overlaps that of its own apps. The brand has a mobile app named Nike Training Club, also known as NTC+, which offers health related content, tools for setting health goals and advice from wellness experts.

The partnership comes as Nike has been touting its “culture of innovation” as key to its continued growth, Consumer Goods reported. Nike has focused both on selling products and building customer loyalty via its popular mobile apps. The company does not appear to be going it all alone, however, as it has also discussed the value of its partnerships with such retailers as DSG, JD Sports, Zalanado and Topsports as part of its recent successes.

Other recent news about Nike and its plans for partners, at least in terms of the sales channel, have painted a slightly different picture. Over the past four years the brand has cut down on its number of wholesale partners by 50 percent.

The launch of Nike Training Club on Netflix also comes as speculation continues about Netflix’s plans to expand the types of content it offers.

Last May, Netflix told The Verge that the company was working on a livestreaming feature for stand-up comedy specials and other live content. Such a move could make Netflix more competitive with Disney Plus.

“The only way to make [Nike Training Club on Netflix] better is to livestream classes in real time, which sounds like it could eventually be an option,” wrote Mr. Bruno.

Though Tara Kirkpatrick, mobile trend analyst at Apptopia, saw a bit of a hurdle to customer adoption.

“Curious to see their customer marketing approach to get subscribers to try it out,” wrote Ms. Kirkpatrick. “As a consumer, it sounds efficient for sure that I could access quality home workouts from something I already pay for, but the conditioning has been ‘Netflix and chill’ for so long. Netflix will have to change that consumer association with its product, which is an interesting challenge.”

And one BrainTrust member saw little in the way of differentiation for this or similar endeavors.

“I don’t believe there is any downside to Nike’s effort,” wrote Professor Gene Detroyer. “Others are already in this space, and more will join. However I question how much value it will create.”


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