You can get 20 percent off tech at eBay, including LG’s C2 OLED

Now, you’ll notice that those last two aren’t actually 20 percent off their regular asking price, and that’s because — annoyingly but understandably — some retailers are boosting prices to offset losses they might incur during this sale. However, these are still very good deals on products, including some that don’t go on major sale very often.

For something more affordable, the 65-inch TCL 6-Series 4K TV is selling for $699.99 ($300 off) at Best Buy. That’s a screamingly good deal for this Mini LED-backlit panel, which produces a bright picture with vivid, accurate colors even in very bright rooms. It also features HDMI 2.1 support on two of its four HDMI ports, so if something like the LG C2 or other OLEDs are out of your price range but you value a fast 120Hz refresh rate at 4K for gaming, this TV is for you. On the streaming front, it runs Google TV, so it’s compatible with all the big TV and movie streaming apps. Plus, it also supports Google Assistant voice controls. Read our review.

In the land of discounted streaming services, Sling TV is offering half off your first month for new subscribers, and you have the whole month of January to nab this deal. This knocks its base Blue or Orange packages down from $40 to just $20 or its combined streaming package from $55 to $27.50. If you’ve never subscribed to Sling TV before and you want to test the waters (maybe you’re a streaming service churner — we won’t judge) then this is a great deal that can even cover you for the Super Bowl if you start your one-month subscription on January 12th.

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Sling TV is both a live and on-demand streaming service that encapsulates a variety of news, sports, entertainment, and lifestyle channels. Depending on the plan you choose, you can get up to 47 channels, including Fox, CNN, ESPN, TBS, and TNT. Sling has a history of price increases (name a streaming service that doesn’t!), but if you’re a cord cutter who wants to mix it up with some traditional linear (live) TV, you might as well get a great deal on your first month.

If you’ve got an Android phone and you’ve been considering mobile gaming on a budget, now’s a great chance to pick up the last-gen Razer Kishi. Both Amazon and Best Buy are selling the Android version for $36.99 ($53 off), with Best Buy noting that this is a clearance sale. So grab it now before it’s gone and the only option is the newer, pricier, and somewhat disappointing Kishi V2 ($99.99).

This specific Razer Kishi doesn’t support iPhones or PlayStation Remote Play like the Backbone One, but even this aging model does a very good job of turning your Android phone into a Nintendo Switch-like experience. It has a built-in USB-C port to plug into your phone and supports passthrough charging so you can play for extended periods. These controllers are especially great for cloud streaming if you subscribe to services like Xbox Game Pass, but they’re also excellent for wireless remote play from your Xbox Series X / S console. Or you can play dedicated Android games on your phone and give yourself the competitive advantage in titles like Call of Duty Mobile. Read our review.

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