Why I’m buying a Playdate over the Nintendo Switch OLED or Steam Deck

I love handheld gaming. As much as I have to concede the superior picture quality of a good gaming TV and high-powered console, I almost always find myself lapsing into a more casual setup – lying on the sofa, tucked up in bed, or lounging on a windowsill like a Jane Austen heroine with a penchant for roguelikes and action RPGs.

This penchant for the casual has meant that the upcoming Playdate handheld console has fully captured my attention, offering a sleek, modernized take on the GameBoy with a bright yellow aesthetic, a host of indie 1-Bit games, and a bewildering crank mechanism like nothing else on the market. There’s even an optional speaker accessory with a pencil holder, turning the Playdate into a cute and quirky deskside companion in a way that bulkier gaming machines simply couldn’t achieve.


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