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Last Updated: January 11, 2023, 13:39 IST

The python in the video is edited in. (Credits: Instagram/@ilhanatalay_)

The python in the video is edited in. (Credits: Instagram/@ilhanatalay_)

Video of women dining with ‘python’ has been doing the rounds on the internet. Many people were fooled by the editing.

Have you ever seen someone eating a meal with a gigantic python? As bizarre as it may sound, a clip of women enjoying what appears to be a delicious hotpot at a food chain is going viral on the internet. What makes it creepy is that a gigantic python appears to be seated in front of them. However, there’s a twist. When you look closely, it becomes clear that the giant reptile is made through computer graphics and isn’t real.

But at a single glance, the clip is sure to raise an unpleasant feeling in the minds of the viewers. In the video, one of them can be seen using her chopsticks to pick what appears to be a piece of meat from the served hotpot. While the woman who is seen in the adjacent seat is relaxing. Amidst this, the CGI-created python can be seen moving closer to their faces in a creepy way. It appears that the user who was recording the clip, in an attempt to make it funny, added a python social media filter, and the women in the video seem to be unaware of it. Watch the clip here:

The video has been surfacing on the internet for a month and has garnered over 10.3 million views and more than seventy-four thousand likes on Instagram. But the bizarre clip isn’t going down well with several users of the photo-sharing application as they’ve expressed their disappointment in the comment section of the post.

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A user commented that they’d refuse to eat alongside a snake, “I will say nope. It’s not for me! I’ll do takeout!” Another asked why would anyone even think of creating such a clip, “Can someone explain in English, please? Please explain why just why (full stop) why?” One more explained how the python appeared to be real for a few seconds, “Thought it was real at first.” Meanwhile, a user-declared, “Can never be me.”

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