This gorgeous iPhone 14 Pro concept has us wishing it was September already – iMore

If all the rumors turn out to be true we can expect the iPhone 14 lineup to be a pretty sweet update, especially if you’re shopping for iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max. Those devices are thought to be ditching the notch in favor of a new hole-punch design and it sounds awesome. And as this new concept video shows, it looks awesome as well.

This relatively short concept shows us what an iPhone 14 Pro could look like as well as a glimpse at what the creator imagines to be iOS 16. There are some features that we are unlikely to see here as well — no matter how much we’d like them to exist. Reverse wireless charging, I’m looking at you here.

That said, take a look at this concept video and prepare to be jazzed for September.

On the subject of iOS 16, the concept imagines a redesigned status bar that makes use of the extra space afforded by removing the notch. That’s something I’ve spoken about before and I really hope someone at Apple is listening.

If all goes according to previous release cadences we can expect Apple to announce the iPhone 14 lineup in or around September which means we still have a long, long time to wait. We can expect a ton more leaks and concepts before then, however. It’s all part of the fun!

Whatever Apple announces in September we can be sure that it will include the best iPhone the company has ever made. And that right there is always an exciting time.

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