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The weird and wonderful items you can order in McDonalds around the world

Have you tried any of these? (Picture: Metro.co.uk/McDonalds)

We all love being in a McDonalds on holiday and marveling at the unfamiliar and exotic items on the menu.

Some countries have gone so far beyond the basic Fillet O Fish that we Brits can find it hard to comprehend.

But as it may be a while before we get to visit a foreign McDonalds chain, we thought we would compile a list of the most unusual items you can order in the fast food chain around the world.

 Vanarama has pulled together some of the most bizarre items from the  McDonald’s worldwide menu – and they include a melon float, a lobster roll and some kind of toasted chocolate pitta bread thing.

We can’t wait until we can travel again and wonder at these shocking culinary creations:


A fancy lobster roll (Picture: Vanarama/McDonalds)


A bread bowl filled with chicken curry (Picture: Vanarama/McDonalds)


literally just melted chocolate in toast (Picture: Vanarama/McDonalds)

New Zealand

The iconic  steak mince ‘n’ cheese pie (Picture: Vanarama/McDonalds)


Bacon, a beef patty, fried chicken stuffed with ham (Picture: Vanarama/McDonalds)


A kroket is mashed potato filled with minced chicken or ragout (Picture: Vanarama/McDonalds)


Malaysia’s ‘national dish’ includes coconut rice, cucumber, anchovies, fried egg and Ayam Goreng (Picture: Vanarama/McDonalds)


These look pretty damn good (Picture: Vanarama/McDonalds)


Look at that creamy, cheesy filling (Picture: Vanarama/McDonalds)


A black bun with white sesame seeds and a white bun with black sesame seeds (Picture: Vanarama/McDonalds)

South Korea

Salmon with… beef (Picture: Vanarama/McDonalds)


 A fried chicken drumstick with spaghetti and meat sauce (Picture: Vanarama/McDonalds)


Bubblegum sauce and mini marshmallows (Picture: Vanarama/McDonalds)


Asian inspired chicken noodles (Picture: Vanarama/McDonalds)


Tender fish in sweet and spicy sauce, served with rice (Picture: Vanarama/McDonalds)


Pancakes with an oozing caramel filling served with ice cream (Picture: Vanarama/McDonalds)

Hong Kong

A mille crepe cake with layers of thin matcha pancakes, matcha cream, and red beans (Picture: Vanarama/McDonalds)

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