The Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra might actually be the Note 22 Ultra – comments –


Don’t like the rounded sides much, but may still get this if it is decently priced. That is why I would never buy the Fold. Way too much for a gimmick idea.


I will rather wait for the next device with 200Mp, 10/20x zoom and folding screen. Maybe Huawei will cook something.

So called ultra is great, but I think my pants are at it’s limit while I long for even bigger screen.

If it’s mid range I might reconsider, but for that kind of money right now I can imagine only buying such device.

It’s hard to upgrade from what I have now after all


I prefer ,,Galaxy S22+” because i don’t see the point of using PRO for model that’s very similar to regular one unless they change something between S22 and S22 ,,pro”.


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