Tech-company helping key workers gain access to wages ahead of pay day – Real Business

Earnings-on-demand platform Hastee is waiving its fees to help crucial workers access their wages before payday.

The news breaks as the UK enters its second day of “Lockdown”, with only frontline staff being encouraged to travel for work.

On the 23rd of March, Boris Johnson stressed the importance of “Shopping for basic necessities, as infrequently as possible”, however for many critical staff this can be a difficult task, due to the stretched hours they are now forced to work.

For six months, Hastee is making the service available for free to all staff deemed crucial to the UK’s response to the evolving COVID-19 outbreak, including police, fire services, teachers, and those involved in the food supply chain.

Tech will save frontline

The platform has already reported a 32 per cent week on week increase in usage, as workers access their money ahead of payday to stock up on the essentials.

“We want to support the most important members of the workforce to focus on the enormous task at hand – whether it be treating patients in our hospitals or ensuring our food supplies remain consistent as we prepare for further restrictive measures to take hold.

By waiving all fees for six months for critical staff and three months for every other business, who will need huge support to get through this, we hope we can at least take some of the financial pressure off those people who are so essential to the overall wellbeing of everyone else.” said James Herbert, Founder and CEO.

How it works

  • Allows employees to receive a portion of their earned pay immediately via a mobile app
  • Workers can choose to receive up to 50% of their gross pay for the work they have completed; it is income smoothing of their earned pay, not a loan
  • Some employers may choose to restrict the availability for their staff to below 50% should they wish/need.

More to come

The spread of coronavirus across the UK has sparked many other manufacturing and tech-firms, to sway from there traditional duties and get pro-active in the fight to curb this deadly virus.

Just yesterday Dyson announced that it had been working with The Technology Partnership, a medical company based in Cambridge, to develop a “meaningful and timely response”, to the ventilator shortage sweeping across many NHS hospitals.

“This is a highly complex project being undertaken in an extremely challenging timeframe,”

“We are conducting a fully regulated medical device development, including testing in the laboratory and in humans, and we are scaling up for volume” the team added.