Spain holiday warning as partygoers face strict new fines up to £250k across Majorca and Ibiza

NEW tougher restrictions are being enforced across Majorca and Ibiza, with Brits facing fines up to £250,000 if caught at illegal parties.

The Balearic government is even allowing private detectives to infiltrate illegal parties in order to identify people attending and the organisers.

You could be fined up to £250k if caught organising illegal parties


You could be fined up to £250k if caught organising illegal partiesCredit: Alamy

Fines ranging from €300 to €300,000 will be dished out to “participants, organisers, owners and collaborators” under a new law which comes into effect on Thursday.

“It is a consensual measure that has the approval of the Ibiza island council and all the island’s councils, with the aim of tackling the proliferation of illegal parties, especially those that take place in homes and in certain areas of rustic soil,” a spokesman confirmed.

“These types of acts, apart from the unfair competition they entail for legally established entertainment and leisure activities, not only pose a significant risk to the people involved but have important impacts on public order and citizen coexistence, generate nuisance and noise, problems with mobility and access to essential services, as well as being a potential focus of others illicit activities.”

The new law refers only to organised parties and not family gatherings.

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The Balearic government says: “In this way, public gatherings or crowded leisure and entertainment events, for profit, held in spaces that are not considered public establishments and that are marketed outside the conventional channels, are considered illegal parties.

“The fines will cover the organisers and the people who profit from these activities; participants who, with their uncivil attitude, put people’s health or the environment at risk; the professionals and companies that collaborate in the organisation and celebration of these events and the people who own the spaces where the illegal party takes place.

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“The inclusion of owners and professionals and organising companies as responsible is another novelty that includes this change.”

The fines will be:

  1. A light breach for taking part in these festivities – fines from €300 to €3,000.
  2. Serious misconduct in organising, marketing or advertising these festivities and also in participating in them if they take place in protected natural spaces or homes – fines from €3,000 to €30,000.
  3. Very serious misconduct for organising, marketing or advertising illegal parties in protected natural areas or homes – fines from €30,000 to €300,000.

The degree of the fine can soar to the maximum depending on how much nuisance has been caused.

President of the Balearic government, Francina Armengol, said an illegal party is an event that  “is held in a home, with a lucrative effect, to which people pay to go and that is marketed outside conventional channels.”

She said these illegal parties take place throughout the archipelago but that they especially affect Ibiza, damaging the image of the island abroad.

And president of Ibiza council, Vicent Marí added: “These illegal parties are unfair competition for legal leisure.”

In new travel advice, the British government says holidaymakers must not take “unnecessary risks”.

“There have been a number of serious accidents involving people attending irregular commercially promoted parties in villas and private homes on the islands of Ibiza and Majorca,” said an Embassy spokesman.

“Licensed clubs and bars are required to meet safety and security standards, including emergency exits and capacity limits, and to have trained, licensed security staff. Irregular commercial parties may not meet these standards. “

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The government adds: “You should take care of your belongings, ensure you know where emergency exits are located and not take unnecessary risks.

“Heavy fines may be imposed by local authorities to anyone attending irregular commercial parties.”

The advice is part of new guidelines on a crackdown on so-called “uncivic behaviour” in the party hotspots of Majorca and Ibiza.

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Holidaymakers will now be slapped with a six-drink-a-day limit instead of having alcohol on tap when on an all-inclusive break.

Balearic Government chiefs say they want to improve the image of the party resorts which have a reputation for boozy and bad behaviour. 

The huge fines are part of a crackdown on boozy tourists across the islands


The huge fines are part of a crackdown on boozy tourists across the islandsCredit: Getty


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