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In this era of video games, quite often you have to pay for every little thing.

The majority of the time, the charged amounts are so small that many parents might not have noticed each purchase until all the charges hit their account.

First, it is important you change the account settings to require a password at checkout.

If your child has a personal device, you can set up family sharing and enable “ask to buy”, that way every time your child attempts to make an in-game purchase, you will receive a notification and simply tap decline or approve.

There’s also the option to not allow in-app purchases at all through screen time settings. Parents can activate ask to buy for the Xbox, that way they get a notification if the kids want to make an in-app purchase.

Nintendo won’t allow payment information to be stored on an account for anyone under the age of 18.

Parents can also set up monthly spending limits for each child’s account on Playstation.


If you have Roblox, your child can log into Roblox through the web browser instead of the app, that way the site won’t store your credit card information.

And for Fortnite purchases, look for deals that include both in-game currency and new cosmetic items, that way your cash goes a little further than just paying for in-game money alone.

Finally, patience is a virtue. If you can put off buying a brand new game for at least a year, video game publishers will often put out a final edition of the game that includes all downloadable content purchases for a much lower price.

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