Should you retrain? These 5 industries are thriving

The pandemic has left many people on furlough or out of work entirely.

It’s a devastating and thoroughly difficult situation to be in, but experts suggest it might be a good opportunity to retrain, especially as some skills are more in demand than others.

While certain sectors, like hospitality, have been harder hit by the pandemic, other industries are experiencing growth. So which are on the rise?

With the rapid shift to teleworking, coupled with an increase in cybercrime and fraud, Laura Trendall Morrison, founder of The GameChanger Consultancy says now is a great time to consider retraining for a career in cybersecurity, and in wider IT.

“As well as opportunities advertised with many major companies, many successful independent IT consultancies have actually begun trading in the pandemic, due to increased demand,” she explains. “Many organisations that were once bricks and mortar have also shifted their trading and processes online to mitigate, and in some cases, have opened new markets by doing this.”

2. Concierge and personal services

Trendall Morrison says the personal service industry involves anything that makes life easier and enhances the quality of lived experiences. Examples include signing up to a nutritional box service for the first time, or hiring an online personal trainer.