Russell Grant's horoscopes today – one star sign will see a relationship turn romantic

One star sign is being warned not to act on impulsive ideas, while another is sick of a work colleague asking personal questions and another horoscope is being manipulated by someone close to them

Russell Grant takes a look at what today could bring for your horoscope – and what you can do to be prepared.


Questions such as: where am I? What am I doing and where am I going are the ones now on your mind.

Once you are satisfied with the answers and you have decided on your long-term goals, you will feel in a stronger position to respond to opportunities before you.


Before acting on impulsive ideas you might discuss them with your partner or best friend.

Some things in life such as travel and sports are better enjoyed with company. You may have to wait a few days until others are ready to join you but it will be worth it.


In some areas you would rather other people just left you to get on with jobs without their interference. You have your ways of doing things, a workmate will take a very different approach to the same job.

You could learn from each other through respecting each other’s methods.


When there are so many people around and things start crowding in on you, you miss out on opportunities you would have noticed, had you not been so distracted.

Try to keep yourself a little distant from others so you can see what is really going on.

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A relationship is growing closer and you will feel this was always meant to be. In romance, go with your instincts.

In finance, keep your wits about you as a financial deal could backfire on you and unless you are careful, you may end up losing a lot of money.

Go with your instincts when it comes to romance




You’re tired of the way a colleague asks personal questions, prompts you to air your views and then refuses to tell you what they are thinking or feeling.

This is becoming a big problem that needs to be sorted out once and for all. Topics that come under discussion may be personally embarrassing but it is important that this issue is resolved.


Taking the chance to help out a relative or close neighbour means you can ignore a problem that has been on your mind. You weren’t keen on having to tackle this today.

Instead it will feel good to help others and in listening to their worries, you will be able to offer gentle words of guidance.


If you push others too hard, you could push them the wrong way. Someone whose help you need is not as keen as you are to be involved in today’s activities.

You may have planned well but without their help everything could go the opposite way to what you are expecting.


If there is one thing that really annoys you it is people who think they can tell you what you can and can’t do.

Someone nearby is trying to manipulate you and take control of your life. Even if they are doing this in subtle ways you aren’t easily fooled and you will refuse to bend to their will.

Someone close to you is trying to tell you what to do


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You’re growing tired of always being at a workmate’s beck and call. Every time they make a mistake they turn.

You shouldn’t have to sort out their problems and they should own up to their responsibilities. This time, leave them to deal with their own affairs on their own.

Aquarius Someone will take you under their wing. They will give you a lot of knowledge and information.

People like this don’t come your way every day and you will be grateful for all the help they can give you. What you will always love about them is their sense of humour.


You have time for everyone. You have already championed so many different causes.

People feel they can approach you because you area always pleasant and kind and you always have a smile on your face. Someone is about to thank you for your friendship.

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