Renault 5 Turbo Reborn As All-Electric Widebody Drift Machine

Outside, the widebody measures 79.5 inches across, thanks to iconic air inlets on the rear haunches. The bodywork is all carbon fiber and is completely unmistakable. Massive vents at the front aid cooling and downforce, while a gargantuan rear wing showcases the motorsport influence. The retro square fog lights up front comprise four clusters of 16 LEDs, but the front end also gets more gaming-inspired elements like pink, blue, and yellow LED strips that light up while the concept drifts. Even the camouflage vinyl on the bodywork is inspired by retro video games.

A cool, but completely unnecessary touch – it’s a show car, so it doesn’t need to make sense – are pink plexiglass windows with “La vie en rose” on the rear left – translating as “to see life through rose-tinted glasses.”

This is a concept that doesn’t take itself too seriously, which is why it comes with its own mascot, a teddy bear named Drifty, who Renault says is “there to relax and comfort passengers overwhelmed by the show car’s muscle.”


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