Reader Submitted: Template for printing a paper mask at home

Because COVID-19 can live up to 7 days on our masks… what if we were able to print disposable masks with our home printer? Making them accessible globally, free, disposable (less risk of contamination), quick to make and easy to share physically and virtually. is an idea to make this possible.

This effort is purely empathetic. Let’s spread masks faster than the virus!

Please share this idea widely.

Design Team

Germain Verbrackel

Why this mask?

Facing the global mask shortage, we need to provide solutions that are responsive, accessible, free, collective, empathetic and shareable.

A disposable mask reduces the risk of contamination that exists with reusable masks.

By using our world wide web, we can spread solutions quicker than the spread of the virus.

This mask aims to protect the wearer and his environment against droplet projections causing the COVID-19 infection.

Agreed, paper is not as comfortable as silk but this mask pretends to be a protection for punctual errands. Stay home and stay safe.

To fight the global spread, we need to adopt an empathetic mindset towards protecting not only ourselves but also protecting others. This is where this mask can help.

Disclaimer: This paper mask is not a respiratory mask but intends to work as a physical barrier like surgical masks(not filtering, not sealed). Find here more about how masks work.

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