President University Launches Digibarter, an E-Commerce Platform – QS WOW News

President University has launched an e-commerce platform called Digibarter. The platform invites users to transact using the barter system. This system is used to allow the user to do the buying and selling activities without reducing the amount of cash they have.

“While our cash flow is decreasing, I see a lot of idle resources that have not been used, such as unused items at home, unused space at a building, unutilized people skills. We can use this to exchange resources that can benefit and support each other,” said Dr. Adhi Setyo Santoso, ST., MBA., Director of the President Research Center.

Through Digibarter, registered users can open online stores with any kind of product from any industry. Not only a product, but users can also sell professional services, such as design services or other training services to enhance people’s skills. Different from other barter applications in Indonesia, Digibarter has moved the traditional barter to a digital barter system where transactions are carried out with a digital currency called DB Coin.

Big-scale social restriction has had a huge impact on the Indonesian economy. The decreasing income due to a lower purchasing power has greatly impacted the company/individual cash flow. As the cash flow is decreasing, we are expected to keep fulfill the daily needs.

President University hopes Digibarter can be a helpful platform to connect and build a relationship between businesses and their customers. Moreover, the university also hopes this platform can help people to preserve their cash flow by trading what they have to get what they need.