Office Desk Hacks You Didn’t Know You Need

Have you heard the expression, “messy bed, messy head?” The same goes for your office. Having a neat place to work is essential. Cluttered workspaces will not only hinder your productivity, but also increase stress. Here are some easy hacks to set up your desk and workspace so you can get the most out of your day.


Invest In A Quality Desk And Chair

First things first, make sure your desk is large enough to meet your needs. Do you have a desktop computer? A laptop? How large is your screen? Do you have a printer? If your desk isn’t large enough to fit the necessities, that’s your first problem. 


If you aren’t sure what the right sized desk really is, create a mock workspace on the floor and measure. You don’t want to buy too large a desk because it can invite clutter. 


If your office space is small and there isn’t room for a large desk, consider a regular-sized desk and a side table for items like printers or anything you use often, but not daily.


Another option is using a rolling cart for pens, pencils, books, etc. The Lexington 3 Tier Rolling Cart from Michael’s is very useful for this. While Michael’s is probably not the first place you would think to buy office supplies from, this cart costs less than $30, is available in several colors, and is just the right size to stay organized without taking up excess space. 

It’s also important to make sure you have a comfortable, ergonomic chair, if possible. It’s hard to focus on work if you aren’t sitting comfortably. Make sure the height is adjusted to the right level for your desk.


Position Your Desk By Natural Light

Working in a dark space can be draining, especially during the winter months, which aren’t too far away. If your desk can face a window, it should.  If your workspace doesn’t get a lot of natural light, invest in lamps. You can never have too much light!


Get Rid Of Clutter

Only keep items you need to access on a daily basis on your desktop. Do you have a pile of paper with your 2017 tax returns? File it away. The manual for your Smartphone? You know you’re going to Google your problem anyway. Find a place for all that paper.


If you have a lot of paper you need to keep, invest in a filing cabinet or store on the rolling cart in color-coded file folders. 


If you aren’t sure that an item belongs on your desk, ask yourself how often you actually use it, not how often you want to use it. Stay honest with yourself. 


Keep Important Items Where You Don’t Have To Search For Them

You charge your phone every day, so why is the charger in the back of your drawer? It shouldn’t be. Keep a power strip with everything plugged in on your desk or underneath it. This way, you won’t have to stop what you’re doing when you need to plug in a device. 


It’s also a good idea to keep a small pad of paper or notebook, two pens (no one needs more than two these days), and a highlighter on your desk. Unless your job requires it, no one needs have an excessive amount of writing instruments in 2019. Less is more.


Install Shelving

While your desk should have as few items as possible, that doesn’t mean you can’t store other things within reach. Consider installing shelves for books, extra paper, and other miscellaneous items. This way, you won’t have excessive clutter in your field of vision when you’re trying to work, but everything will be close by when you need it. Just make sure to arrange everything neatly.


Don’t Freeze Our Your Productivity 

It’s hard to work if you’re uncomfortably cold, according to a 2004 study from Cornell University. The data showed that increasing the temperature in an office from 68 to 77 degrees improved productivity and decreased errors. If you can’t adjust the thermostat, make sure you have an extra layer of clothing available at all times.


Think About What Motivates You

Sometimes we all need a visual to keep us motivated throughout the day. It could be a framed photo of your family or a decorative accent featuring a motivational quote. One or two accessories will suffice.