Number Of Pedestrians Hit, Killed By Cars On The Rise In Tulsa – News On 6

Tulsa Police say the number of people being hit and killed by cars has increased in the last two years. Crosswalks with flashing lights have been installed in some parts of Tulsa and plans are underway to add more.

Police say 19 people were hit and killed by cars in 2021. Last year, 20 more people died.

Lt. Paul Madden is the traffic safety coordinator for Tulsa Police and says some of the factors for these high numbers include inattention by drivers and pedestrians and in other cases people who just shouldn’t have been on the roads.

Lt. Madden says it’s hard for drivers to see people at night who aren’t using a flashlight or wearing light or reflective clothing. Plans to make crosswalks safer are on the way but in the meantime, everyone should be more alert.

“Sidewalks, crosswalks, if you’re going to cross the street and a crosswalk’s not available, cross at a 90-degree angle,” said Madden. “It sounds a little precise but it’s the fastest way across that street; if you go at a steeper angle, it takes you longer to cross the street.”

Drivers who don’t stop for pedestrians could face a $200 fine.


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