No-nonsense schoolgirl bluntly points out problem with maths homework question

A primary school pupil has gone viral after pointing out a glaring error in her homework question.

As reported by the Birmingham Mail, the girl has been lauded after she responded with an absolutely savage answer.

The response was shared on Reddit and has subsequently been shared across the internet.

Myrah was asked to write an equation for six scenarios.

“Jane has 12 crayons and Kim has 7 crayons. How many more crayons does Susan have than Kim?” the girl – known only as Myrah – was asked as part of her homework assignment.

Her response has been praised as legendary.

Myrah's response
Myrah’s response

“Who’s Susan?” she asked.

“Myrah is going places,” one Redditor wrote cheekily, while a second praised Myrah over her no nonsense response.

Another had a different theory, saying: “Maybe it’s a reading comprehension test disguised as a math test.”

Pupils in a classroom
Pupils in a classroom

And Redditors spotted mistakes in the other questions too.

The first question asked: “There are 8 birds on a branch. There are 3 birds on another branch. How many birds are there in the tree?”

And she correctly replied: “8 + 3 = 11.”

But one Reddit user asked: “Also #1. How do we know those 2 branches are part of the same tree?”

“There are 8 fish in the pond. 7 fish swam away. How many are left in the pond?” another question (question 3) asked.

Another Reddit user said: “I’ve got a problem with #3 too. Even if fish swim away in a pond… they’re still in the pond.”

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