New Hyundai Nexo Will Destroy Tesla Model S 400-Mile Range

That being said, Top Electric SUV has learned Hyundai is currently planning a significant update for the Nexo that will see its range expand to 500 miles. To compare, the recently revealed Tesla Model S Long Range Plus has an EPA range of 402 miles. The $140,000 Model S Plaid has a claimed range of at least 520 miles but the Nexo costs an awful lot less.

This new Nexo information originally came about when South Korea’s president was taking a tour of a Hyundai plant in the country and was asking about the Nexo’s range. Hyundai Chairman Euisun Chung was with him and felt it necessary to answer the president’s question with this response: “I plan to increase its [Nexo’s] range to 497 miles in the future.” Impressive.