Mum-of-eight shares look at 'never-ending' laundry piles and stacks of dirty cups

Heather Bell says having a big family can be a nightmare when it comes to household chores, including trying to find ‘matching socks’ and having endless washing up to do

A picture of Heather with her eight children standing behind her
Heather is mum to eight kids between 12 and 22

Parenting isn’t an easy job at the best of times, but when you’ve got a big family it can be particularly tricky to keep your life in order.

And one mum from the US has revealed just how much work she has to do to keep her household running smoothly for herself, her husband and their eight children.

Heather Bell posted a video on her TikTok account, @justthebells10, in which she ran through some of the things that make her life harder as a mum-of-eight – including the amount of laundry she has to work through, and the fact that “every cup” in the house gets used every day.

She wrote on the clip: “Things that just make sense when you have eight kids: Washing lots of dirty towels every single day, piles of never-ending unmatched socks, every cup in the house is dirty every day.”

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The mum also revealed she has an entire freezer just to stock “chocolate chips and butter” so she can make enough cookies for her family – and said she bakes 10 batches in one sitting to feed her hungry kids.

Heather’s children are aged between 12 and 22, and so her family also consists of “eight drivers”, meaning there’s always several cars parked outside.

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She added: “With eight drivers, our driveway looks like a used car lot.”

And the family even have a row of lockers with their names on to keep their hockey equipment in, as well as their “barn clothes”, which they wear for helping out with their chicken farm – which has over 4,000 chickens.

The mum is constantly washing clothes for her large family



Heather’s video has been viewed over 6.2 million times and has split the opinion of commenters – with some suggesting her kids should be doing more to help around the house.

One person wrote: “Okay but they’re like fully grown adults and you’re still doing everything for them?”

While another said: “Do they have chores that they do? I feel like that’s an unimaginable amount of work just for you.”

But others pointed out that the short video wasn’t enough to see the full picture of Heather’s day and said the children obvious help out in other ways, such as on the chicken farm.

Someone said: “I wonder if the people in the comments realise a one-minute TikTok doesn’t cover her whole life. When exactly did she say they did nothing?”

As someone else added: “They literally have designated barn clothes in individual lockers, of course they’re doing chores.”

And a third posted: “They have barn clothes, they’re not just lounging around the house.”

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