Mercedes-AMG GT 73e Spied Blasting Around The Nurburgring

Unfortunately, the video doesn’t give us the chance to hear the exhaust note clearly, although there’s a definite V8 rumble at play if you listen closely. What’s clear is that the four-door GT is a real looker with its large wheels, Panamericana grille, and those quad-exit square tailpipes. These are the typical flourishes we have come to expect for a full-fat AMG, of course. Compared with the existing GT 63 S, the GT 73e will be significantly more powerful. Mercedes-AMG has already confirmed a new hybrid powertrain dubbed E Performance which, when paired with the 4.0-liter twin-turbo V8 from the AMG GT 63 S, will produce 804 horsepower. The GT 63 S already generates 630 hp and takes just 3.1 seconds to hit 60 mph, so with more power, there’s no telling how fast the 73e might be.