Mekonomen : in exclusive collaboration with the electric car manufacturer Xpeng –

Several new electric car manufacturers are entering the Nordic markets as a result of the great interest in electric and hybrid cars. The upcomer Xpeng is planning an electric car launch in Norway and has chosen Mekonomen Group as the exclusive wholesale partner for spare parts. The Group’s workshops will also be authorized as service partners for Xpeng’s cars. The collaboration is a confirmation of Mekonomen’s strong position and leading role in the transition to newer and greener technology in the vehicle aftermarket.

Through the subsidiary MECA Norway, Mekonomen Group enters a collaboration with the electric car manufacturer Xpeng and thus becomes the exclusive spare parts wholesaler for Xpeng in Norway. Selected MECA workshops will also become authorized service and repair workshops for Xpeng’s cars. The company’s president and CEO Pehr Oscarson also opens for more partnerships in the near future.

“The new generation of electric car manufacturers is looking for efficient sales channels and collaborations with existing players to quickly establish themselves in the Nordic market. We have an unbeatable availability and deep expertise that makes us an attractive partner – with a wide network of workshops, an efficient wholesale business and with our own competence academy with electric car certification of workshops. We have developed a good business model that we believe will lead to more partnerships in the near future”, Says Pehr Oscarson, President and CEO of Mekonomen Group.

Mekonomen Group is the unthreatened number one in three of the Group’s four main markets. The strong position gives Mekonomen Group the best possible conditions to lead the industry’s gradual change, where a new and greener vehicle technology is becoming more common. This change means very great opportunities for Mekonomen Group, Pehr Oscarson emphasizes.

“We will continue to be the best partner for everyone who demands products and services for vehicles with traditional technology. But as enablers of mobility, our business is not limited by the type of vehicles that drive on the roads. The demand for mobility will remain. The trend around electric cars and digital new car sales opens for new players and business models where we are equipped and ready to lead the development”, says Pehr Oscarson.

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Pehr Oscarson, President and CEO, Mekonomen Group
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Tore Stensböl, Head of MECA Norway
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