Items Invented to Make Eating in a Car Easy

Eating fast food while sitting in your car is kind of sad, but I still do it. When you’re in the middle of nowhere and starving, it’s often the only option, with ubiquitous burger joints having COVID-closed dining areas and offering drive-thru only.

Unsurprisingly, there’s a category of objects designed to ease in-car dining. For starters, this plastic object mates the shape of your cupholder with a French fry container:

This “universal mount” dipping sauce holder attaches to your car’s vents, and is designed to hold containers of different shapes from various fast-food chains:

This cupholder-mounted tray ratchets up the sadness by providing a smartphone mount, so you can watch superhero movies while you silently munch saturated fats:

This tray design below seems the most sensible. It plugs into the cupholder while still allowing you to use that space as a cupholder, and offers a second cupholder, and the whole thing pivots so you’ve got a little more freedom…

…and you can also pretend it’s not for eating off of.

I’ll put these objects in the category of “I’m sad they exist, but I see why they exist.”


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