interior swimming pool by blockstudio emerges as a geometric addition to residence in russia

private interior swimming pool in russia


family run architecture firm blockstudio has built an indoor swimming pool as an addition to a private residence in russia. for this project, the design strives to satisfy the client’s wish to have a clear and transparent outline of their property, while integrating contemporary materials  — glass and stainless steel. the resulting structure presents itself as a volume with clean, simple geometries, allowing residents to enjoy swimming all year round. 

private swimming pool 1
the biggest benefit of having an indoor swimming pool is that you can enjoy it year-round

all images © ilya ivanov


the newly completed building by blockstudio (find more here) takes shape as a clear rectangular glass shell, revealing the delicate stainless steel structure as well as wooden interior elements. the swimming pool’s 18-meter long water basin and the modest sauna accommodates users’ needs, while also providing minimalist aesthetics to the overall construction. the extensive glazing offers uninterrupted views towards the natural surroundings and the main house, which is a representative example of tsimailo lyashenko and partners’ (find more here) work.


the interior decoration and individual objects have been designed so that, both in form and substance, they support the project’s overarching purpose – creating a sense of clarity and simplicity. completion year 2020. gross built area 93 sq.m. a space for its owners to leave the busy city behind, here they can relax enjoying the tranquility of water. all necessary conditions are provided for comfortable stay of owners over there.

private swimming pool 2
the pool’s exterior is a clear rectangular glass shell revealing a delicate stainless steel structure

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private swimming pool 3

private swimming pool 4

private swimming pool 5


private swimming pool 8

private swimming pool 9

project info:



name: private swimming pool
designer: blockstudio
total area: 90 sqm



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