I’m a travel expert, here’s how I avoid food poisoning when adventuring around the world

A TRAVEL guru has revealed her expert advice for avoiding food poisoning when you’re on holiday.

Amanda Monique Brown gave up her corporate job to travel the world with her husband Austin.

Amanda Monique Brown offered some bazaar health advice while visiting Marrakech


Amanda Monique Brown offered some bazaar health advice while visiting MarrakechCredit: Instagram/amandamoniquebrown

The North Carolina-based traveller, who describes herself as a “guacamole-addicted dog mom”, told her Instagram followers how they can stop a stomach bug derailing their holiday.

She said: “Getting sick when you travel is the WORST.

“I got food poisoning before a 15-hour flight once and I wouldn’t wish it on anyone.

“It inevitably happens at some point, but there are a few ways to ALMOST always avoid it!”

Sipping a glass of mint tea on a rooftop in Marrakech, Amanda said: “Just because the locals can drink the water doesn’t mean you can.

“It might contain bacteria which they’re immune to but you aren’t.”

And while part of travelling is about experiencing all the new dishes on offer, Amanda warns it can be a good decision to avoid eating meat.

She said: “Even before I was a vegetarian I didn’t eat meat travelling.

“You’re more likely to get sick eating meat than most things.

Amanda added: “Don’t eat salads if the water isn’t safe to brush your teeth with.

“Travel with charcoal pills, Ciprofloxacin, Imodium and ginger drops JUST in case.

“Sometimes if my stomach feels even the SLIGHTEST bit off I’ll take some charcoal pills.

“Ask your doctor before taking these for the first time!”

The full-time tourist offered a final genius tip to her followers.

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She said: “Eat at places that are busy.

“The food is going to be fresh instead of sitting around – it’s worth the wait.”

People were divided over Amanda’s expert advice, with many offering their own tips.

Kath said: “Emetophobes everywhere say thank you, queen.”

But one traveller said: “You shouldn’t be taking Cipro unless it’s an alternative to death.

“Charcoal pills can also make birth control ineffective.”

Other people shared their own tips and food-poisoning horror stories.

One said: “I eat freshly-chopped onions with all my meals in foreign countries, just to be on the safe side.

Micheli said: “I got food poisoning in the KFC in Marrakech.

“I was tired of eating couscous all the time – big mistake!

“I barely made it back to my hotel before the explosion happened.”

Daniel said: “Be careful in water taxies when you’re not yet acclimatised.

“I had a terrible case of Bangkok Belly from water splashing up into my mouth while I was on a water taxi.

You should always check NHS advice before following any medical tips from Instagram.

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Amanda says that you should leave water to the locals


Amanda says that you should leave water to the localsCredit: Instagram/amandamoniquebrown


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