How Ginger Webs is innovating to ensure secure examination and assessment processes

Assessments and Examinations are critical standards used to assess the capability of students. Testing agencies leverage online and offline assessments to get suitable candidates for different job roles and educational courses to prove their eligibility and strength. Online tests without a secure environment might impair the ability to
conduct a secure examination
process to select the right candidates for competent workforces. To ensure a secure and safe assessment, Ginger Webs has been working in the PBT (Paper-based test) and CBT (Computer-based test) space for over a decade and is continuing to take steps in this direction while innovating to develop solutions for a secure examination environment in the future. This holds significance as it has the potential to impact the future of candidates as well.

An Innovative Step Towards Computer-Based Test (CBT)

Ginger Webs’
Computer-based Test
provides end-to-end solutions, starting from application registration, center allocation, generating hall tickets, question paper creation, test on computer, and finally, result declaration. The solution is feasible in entrance exams, recruitment tests, mock tests for coaching institutes, and national Olympiads.

Ginger Webs has more than 3000+ centers across 22 Countries and 250k seating capacity.ET Spotlight

Ginger Webs has more than 3000+ centers across 22 Countries and 250k seating capacity.

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CBT/Pre & Post-Exam Activities

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Why Choose Ginger Webs CBT?

  • Invigilation by CCTV Camera
  • Webcam invigilation
  • Biometric and AI-enabled Authentication
  • Flexibility of Scheduling
  • Proctored Test Environment
  • Multilingual Assessment

CBT Features

  • Secure exam browser
  • Secure question paper transfer to test centers server
  • No option to exit from the exam
  • Click by click audit trails
  • Detailed instructions for candidates
  • FLAG/ UNFLAG option for review
  • An on-screen clock will display the remaining time available
  • Candidate’s details with photograph and signature on screen
  • Exam will start and end at scheduled time
  • Scroll and navigate easily through complete question paper available
  • Disable printing, copy-paste, right click, task switching, etc.
  • Test will be resumed from the point it was left, in case of any unexpected disruption
  • Automatic saving of candidate responses
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Why is PBT Still Important?

PBT assessment pattern is also known asPen andPaper pattern,and while technology cannot entirely replace PBT (Paper Based Test) method of examination, it is becoming less used due to various reasons, including digitisation.

Ginger Webs is well-known for its ability to ensure paper security and deliver transparency, while innovating and adapting to technology. It also ensures CCTV monitoring to prevent any untoward incidents in the examination centers, as per the needs of universities and educational institutions. The company also annually arranges more than 12 million assessments worldwide by satisfying 3.5K+ clients. These clients trust Ginger Webs not only for the security and commitment it promises but also because of its capacity to conduct 500K Students examinations at a time.

Key Features of Ginger Webs PBT

  • Candidate Registration
  • View and Download Admit card
  • Secure Question Paper and OMR Answer sheet Printing
  • Digital Lock with Live GPS tracking for logistics of Exam material
  • Biometric and AI-enabled Attendance
  • CCTV surveillance and Jammers at test centers
  • 1 Million seats in 5k+ test centers across India
  • In-house technology for evaluation of OMR answer sheets


Change is not reflected overnight. In the future, the need of a secure examination environment and technology is apparent and students are already becoming familiar with the trend. Many universities, institutions, and testing agencies are using Ginger Webs’ CBT service to manage secure examination environments.

The PBT pattern too, which is not completely obsolete, is also taking one step closer to the future of examination and assessment.


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