Historical Fantasy for Industrial Designers: What if Apple Had Designed the iPhone in the '80s and '90s?

With the news of Jony Ive’s departure–and given the way things have been going lately–it certainly seems an era has ended for Apple. And while I haven’t been fond of the company’s developments, it’s impossible to forget the affinity I gained for them in decades past.

Someone who shares that affinity, or at least a fondness for decades past, is the self-styled “retro designer” who goes by the ironic handle FuturePunk. The UK-based FuturePunk refers to the 1980s as “the greatest decade in the history of mankind,” and his passion is evinced with these fanciful iPhone designs and commercials he created:

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Good gosh but he nails the aesthetic.

As more proof of his ’80s prowess, check out the following graphic designs he’s created:

Check out more of his stuff here.