Get carried by the current

We tend to spend so much time arguing or holding grudges that we forget to love each other and be thankful for all that we have.

One time when I was in Australia, I was sitting in the car going to a lecture programme and we stopped at a traffic light. Suddenly, even though all the windows were closed, we could hear a racket coming from the car next to ours. Sitting in the back seat of a brand-new Mercedes were two beautiful children, dressed in what looked like brand-new clothes. The children were perfectly groomed, but they were trembling with fear and tears were spilling down their cheeks. In the front seat, mom and dad were screaming at each other so loudly that we could hear them even through the closed windows. There they were, in a beautiful car, with beautiful children, apparently perfect health, and they were screaming. Probably a small issue.

We have been given a finite amount of vital energy in our bodies, a finite number of hours each day, and a finite number of days in our lives. Why should we waste so much energy and time engaged in battles of the will?

To row a boat against the current takes you nowhere; you only expend your energy and get tired. If, however, you can swallow your pride and ego and turn that boat around, then the current will gently carry you.


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