Gain Career Clarity This July 4th Weekend With One Small Activity

Are you looking to gain some more career clarity over the July 4th holiday weekend? Covid-19 and its corresponding quarantine has gifted (and cursed) us with more time to engage in introspection. Many individuals are finding that they lack direction or joy from their work, but also suspect (correctly) that this is not a prudent time to quit a job.

So what’s one small but significant step you can take with your free time this weekend to make progress and gain some career clarity?

As a career and leadership coach, time and time again I hear the same sentiment from my clients:

“I have no idea what my passion is.”

A bad career coach might even ask “what’s your passion?” outright. A good career coach knows how to coax data and answers out of a client slowly and thoughtfully. Many people do not innately know what their “passion” is. This is not something to be ashamed of. Passions can change over time with priorities. People can have multiple passions. I often tell my clients, “sometimes you must trial-and-error your way to passion.” In other words, if you don’t know what lights you up, you simply may not have done it yet.

Here are two questions you can ask yourself starting today. Your goal should be to start collecting data on your passion(s). Write down your answers to these two questions in a journal and keep track of your responses over a month-long period.

Question 1: What energizes me?

When you’re engaging in these activities, you will feel a natural energy in your body. You will feel invigorated and excited. It will probably not feel like “work.” You may excitedly tell a friend or partner about this activity in the evening. Some examples I’ve heard from clients recently include: “Being the go-to person for problem solving,” “Helping a team member navigate conflict with another team member,” “Feeling like I’m making a difference and seeing the fruits of my labor in action,” “Being alone with a data set for 8 hours straight,” and many more. There are no right or wrong answers. Simply focus on what’s true for you.

Question 2: What drains me?

When you’re engaging in these activities, you will quite literally feel the energy leave your body. You may feel exhausted more easily or find your mind wandering. At worst, you may even feel a sense of “dread” related to these activities. Some examples I’ve heard from clients recently include, “Not having a team to bounce ideas off of,” “Back to back meetings,” “Red tape and bureaucracy,” “Details and administrative tasks,” and many more. Again, remember that there are no right or wrong answers, as long as your answers feel authentic to you.

The signals your body gives you are the clues you need to determine where your passions lie. Listen to your body. Ask yourself these questions this weekend, and write down your answers. You will gain some of the career clarity you’ve been seeking.

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