Find Solace In Scriptures

As anticipated, the third wave of Covid-19 has arrived. Experts opine this time it is going to be a milder form of illness, yet the estimation isn’t adequate to handle the huge trepidation attached to the pervasive malady. The first two waves took a mammoth toll on life and livelihood, planting deep-rooted fear and anxiety. Tackling the trepidation and keeping mentally fit is a big challenge before us today.

To get relief from the disquietude, we are desperately seeking solutions outside. But the ultimate remedy lies within, in our conscience and spirituality. It exists in our rational religious, philosophical and spiritual doctrines, which really need serious examination and implementation at this crucial time.

For example, if we clearly comprehend the universal law of cause and effect, karma and duties, ethics, dharma as mentioned in the Bhagwad Gita, and reflect upon the cause of enormous human sufferings in last two years, we should be able to get some solace and find solutions to prevent future afflictions.

We can gather spiritual wisdom from all available sources and share it with others. This way, we should be able to locate peace, grit, resilience and equanimity that deeply dwell within us. We can, thus, definitely look forward to becoming fear free even before the world becomes Covid-free.


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