Exchange Wallet Vs. Cryptocurrency Wallet: Which Is The Safest – Business Review

When it comes to revolutionizing the digital industry, exchanges and Cryptocurrency wallets have their own individual roles. There are a number of companies that use both Crypto Exchanges and Crypto wallets.


And this creates confusion among individuals like you. Maybe you wonder which of them is safer?

This is quite a natural question if you are a bitcoin buyer. In this article, we are going to conduct a comparative study between Exchange wallets and Cryptocurrency wallets to find and answer the question of safety.


Exchanges VS Crypto Wallets 

In order to answer this important question, you need to conduct a comparative study of the two to understand which one offers more advantages to you.

Crypto Exchange 

This refers to some websites where you can buy and sell digital currency. There you can also convert the fiat currency into digital currency.

The rates of Cryptocurrency in the market fluctuate on a daily basis. In the exchanges, you have wallets. Now in order to access your wallets, you need to create an exchange account.

The thing that offers you benefits is that you can get easy access to information. Most people

describe digital exchanges as digital banks.

So a trader can use Crypto Exchange to:

  • Buy and sell Crypto.
  • Sending Crypto to a wallet.
  • Converting fiat currency into Cryptocurrency.

Crypto Wallet 

A cryptocurrency wallet refers to a kind of program that allows the investors to store their Cryptocurrency.

If you can store Cryptocurrency in a wallet, you can have complete control. This is because your currency relies on both public and private keys. In order to access your currency, you require both keys. Using a Crypto Wallet, you are able to:

  • Secure your Cryptos.
  • Store them longtime.
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Why Are Crypto Wallets Safe?

Crypto wallets are extremely safe because they contain the following features.

Self Ownership 

Because you have private keys, you are the sole operator or controller of your wallet. This turns out to be a great way to secure your rights as an owner.

Offline Storage Options 

Some Crypto wallets work offline. Now the fun fact is that they are extremely safe from the hands of cybercrime. These are extremely impenetrable while working offline. So the safety question is easily met.


Accessibility is one key function. Anywhere you have an Internet connection, you can operate it right there. This is how you can keep your Crypto growing steadily.


So Exchange Or Wallet 

By this time, we have got a fair idea of the role and function of both a Crypto exchange and a Wallet. To be very honest, both have their own exclusive features.

Now on the question of whether you decide between Exchange or Wallet, it is your personal choice.

However, if you store your Cryptocurrencies in exchange, the chances are that you might end up losing all your digital currency.

So there remains the risk and uncertainty. If the exchange is hacked, then there is a high chance that you end up losing your dear Cryptos.

The positive of storing your Cryptocurrency in the exchange is convenience. Here you are able to secure the platform that you are using.

Now talking about Crypto wallets, there is complete independence in saving your Cryptos. You don’t need any external help.

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You are going to secure and manage it all by yourself. Plus, the safety features that you are getting with the Crypto wallet are enough to be trusted.

So we can put Crypto wallets to be slightly safer compared to exchanges. But again, exchanges have their own safety features to offer. It’s not a problem. So, Wallets, a bit ahead, you know.



In order to conclude, it could be said that both Crypt Exchanges and wallets are extremely safe, but they have their own features.

Therefore it can be easily put forth that you could use both the systems or choose according to your convenience. So there are high opportunities for you to trade on Cryptocurrency.


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