Engineering Solutions by Design News Talks Turning Novice Off-Roaders Into Experts

When Ford was developing the new Bronco, they realized that the burly 4×4’s capabilities would vastly exceed the experience and skill of most of its buyers. Their solution was to develop Trail Systems which help bolster the abilities of those novice off-roaders so they can maximize their enjoyment of the Bronco.

These systems include Trail Control, which is a low-speed cruise control system that lets the driver set a speed in half-mile-per-hour increments and the Bronco will apply the throttle and brakes as needed to maintain that exact speed. Another is One-Pedal Drive, which simulates the outcome of a using their left foot to brake for continuous speed control while traversing obstacles. The Bronco’s system applies the brakes when the driver lifts off the accelerator pedal, providing the effect of left-foot braking without the driver learning a new skill.

Chassis systems engineer Austin Kendall describes the experience of developing these systems for the Bronco in this edition of the Engineering Solutions by Design News podcast.



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