EEPC India engages with IIT-Delhi to explore possibilities of automation

With health and hygiene standards becoming stringent all around the world, along with the ‘here-to-stay’ social distancing, manufacturer exporters , under the aegis of EEPC India , got engaged with IIT-Delhi to explore and devise higher level of automation in the industry , braving the Covid-19 challenge.

Seeking new solutions to the economic crisis triggered by the global pandemic , engineering exporters’ apex body EEPC India, along with IIT-Delhi and AIA Foundation recently held brainstorming sessions on the urgent need to adapting to new technologies and automation.

Such a need was more paramount for the MSMEs which contribute significantly to the engineering exports, but have to do a lot of catching up in automation.

” As much as 75 per cent of Indian MSMEs are still at the stage 2.0 of the technology stand point . This is where we are trying to intervene with infrastructure for skill sets and automation with the help of the government, ” EEPC India chairman Mr Ravi Sehgal said.

He said this is the opportune time to adopt automation at appropriate levels, and meet competition from other emerging nations such as Thailand, Vietnam and Turkey etc. ”In view of this, we must address various apprehensions among MSMEs like cost associated with the automation,” Mr Sehgal said.

Mr Anup Wadhwa, Director, Automation Industry Association said that automation brings possibility for changes to the entire manufacturing processes. He said that the goal of smart manufacturing is to increase the overall economic potential and increase agility by increasing customized production without quality loss.