Drivers baffled by ‘Free Parking’ sign they’re convinced is fake – but is it the real deal?

DRIVERS have been left baffled by a ‘free parking’ sign in London and are convinced it’s fake.

Motorists in Peckham refused to believe a spot exists in the capital – where easy and cheap parking is hard to come by.

Drivers have been baffled by this sign spotted in Peckham, South London


Drivers have been baffled by this sign spotted in Peckham, South LondonCredit: BPM

The sign has left residents divided over whether it’s true or is indeed a crafty prank, reports MyLondon.

When the photograph which was taken at Commercial Way, in Peckham, South London and shared on Facebook over the weekend, many locals couldn’t believe it, particularly as parking is at a premium in the city.

Motorists can usually only find free parking late at night or on weekends.

In a bid to avoid the steep parking costs, many Londoners ditch their cars altogether and use the Tube instead.

Responding to the photograph, one bemused Londoner said: “That can’t be right,” unable to quite believe the sign was real.

Another motorist declared, “It’s a trick.”

A third motorist simply didn’t believe it and assumed in this day and age of easy access computer graphics that it was “Photoshop, has to be…”


The photographer, Tomasz Nowak, was able to confirm the ‘Free Parking’ space is real and challenged those who don’t believe him to check out the exact spot on Google maps.

Confused motorists simply have to look up the address on street view to see the sign for themselves.

As a result of the ‘Free Parking’ sign, other signs spotted across the capital have begun to appear including ones in Park Royal, Hackney, Deptford, North Acton and Greenwich.

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One man wrote underneath the posting: “One not far from where I live in Greenwich.

“A single bay.

“Been stalking it out night and day but never once found it vacant.”


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