Doctor reveals how to get rid of slimy yellow gunge from your tongue

A DOCTOR has revealed how to get rid of slimy yellow gunge that can coat people’s tongues.

Dr Philippa Kaye explained why it happens and why it can be so hard to remove.

People can have problems with a build up of yellow gunge on their tongue


People can have problems with a build up of yellow gunge on their tongueCredit: Getty

Why does my tongue have yellow gunge on it?

The discolouration is usually to do with a build-up of dead skin cells

They gather on the papillae – the small projections on the top of the tongue.

This usually happens when the papillae get inflamed or enlarged.

Having a cold or flu can cause this, or even acid reflux, smoking or eating spicy food.

Having a dry mouth or the side effect of medication can also upset the papillae.

What happens to make it yellow?

Bacteria that live on the moth then feed on the dead cells and grow.

This is what causes the yellow colour.

If you don’t deal with it it can become much worse – becoming black or brown.

Often, people will try antifungal infections, thinking that is the problem, but this won’t have any affect.

What can you do to get rid of it?

If you smoke, stop.

Add more fibre into your diet, as that will help boost the good bacteria in the mouth.

Dentists can recommend specific mouthwashes, which can sometimes contain hydrogene peroxide. Use these several times a day with gentle brushing and swilling with water.

It’s worth checking your yellow tongue is not to do with undiagnosed jaundice – which could be a symptom of liver and pancreas problems or gallstones.

The food we eat can often have an impact on our oral hygiene with treats such as sugar and booze often being on the “no go” list.

One expert has however stated that there are some foods that could actually be beneficial when it comes to our pearly whites.

Dr Khaled Kasem, Chief Orthodontist at Impress Orthodontics has busted some common myths when it comes to what foods arm harmful to our teeth.

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