Deutsche Post DHL To Add 2,000 Ford E-Transit Vans In 2023

Like most other major logistics companies, Deutsche Post is moving aggressively to electrify its fleet. The German parent company of DHL has committed to sustainability and electric delivery vehicles are a key component of that as well as contributing to significantly lower operating costs. From urban cargo bikes, to medium duty trucks, DHL already operates thousands of zero emission vehicles. The newest addition to that fleet is the Ford e-Transit with 2,000 units being added by the end of 2023.

Delivery vehicles are particularly well suited to going electric since they tend to operate in urban and residential areas where the emissions of diesel vehicles are particularly harmful. The relatively lower speeds and frequent stops and starts allow for plenty of regenerative braking and efficient operation where internal combustion engines are usually at their worst.

A new memorandum of understanding will see Ford deliver more than 2,000 of its electric full-size vans to DHL for its global operations by the end of 2023. In addition to the vehicles, Ford Pro will provide its telematics services for vehicle monitoring and communications as well as its charging management system that will enable DHL to optimize when vehicles are charged for the lowest cost and maximum availability of the vehicles.

The Ford e-Transit is has an EPA estimated range of 127 miles and an estimated 317 km range on the European WLTP drive cycle.

DHL already has 27,000 electric vans in service globally, and is targeting to have 60% of its total fleet being electric by 2030. As part of the deal between the two companies, they will evaluate further collaborations that may include development of new software and charging platforms as well as getting new Ford electric vehicles early for evaluation.


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