daniel arsham revives renowned bronzes in eroded sculptures

daniel arsham reveals ‘eroded summer’


following his fonding on eroded classical sculpture, new york-based artist daniel arsham now exhibits ‘eroded summer’ in london. the art piece takes its cue from a historic bronze of the former whiteleys shopping centre in bayswater. the project serves as a unique blending of the antique and contemporary, revising a 1911 work by sculptor paul gasq from the building’s grade ΙΙΙ-listed façade.


‘eroded summer’ is made of polished bronze utilizing erosion and crystallization to fracture the original form.‘questioning time, history and a potential future, the sculpture’s erosion infers that it may have existed for a thousand years, instead of its actual 100-year-old age.’ daniel arsham revives renowned bronzes in a series of eroded sculpturesall images courtesy of thierry bal



iconic busts in large-scale eroded sculptures


daniel arsham (see more here) placed one of his old large-scale projects, in regents park, london, stimulating passers-by curiosity inviting them to come closer, explore and capture it. taking the form of an ancient bust, the sculpture seems to sink into the terrain. fragments ruptured from eroded lesions interrupt its smooth surface while polished bronze crystals, emerge from its worn skin, marking daniel’s unique style.







daniel arsham revives renowned bronzes in eroded sculptures


daniel arsham revives renowned bronzes in eroded sculptures


project info:


name: eroded summer

by: daniel arsham 

location: the whiteley gallery, 31 st petersburgh place
dates: 16 – 17 october 2021


christina petridou I designboom

oct 15, 2021


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