Cupra boss: UK is 'a big challenge'

How will Cupra evolve its dealer model, given its cars are largely sold through Seat dealers?

“With the [Cupra] Born, it will be an agency model, sold directly. This is good for dealers and customers. It’s a good package with a good monthly rate. All future EVs will be sold on an agency model. It’s harder [to do that] with existing models as there are existing demands and expectations, but all future Cupras will.”

Has Cupra already launched its last ICE car?

“There is still room for PHEV [plug-in hybrid] technology in the next few years. It’s an appealing technology for Cupra. You enhance performance, and you have a performance hybrid. I wouldn’t say the last ICE car has already been launched, but all future Cupras will be electrified.”

Will you launch even higher-performance EVs?

“We need to find out what that is in an EV era. We were very good at that in the ICE era. We need new ways of enhancing performance and there is room for that. Then there’s the link with motorsport: ‘spice’ could come from that. Our e-racer is winning in electric touring cars and we are in Extreme E as well. Motorsport can give us elements to bring in.”


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