Could This Be The World’s Most Sustainable Watch?

It’s right in their name. Watchmaker Nordgreen (“Nord” for their Scandinavian origins, and “Green”, which is self-explanatory) has declared itself the tip of the spear in providing the world with eco-sustainable watches.

Nordgreen is propelling its green-watch philosophy with its latest release, “The Guardian”. The Guardian’s slogan? “A reminder to do good”. Nordgreen’s offering isn’t just a luxury timepiece, it’s an invitation to its wearers to become guardians of the Earth.

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Building a better watch 

Watches have a bigger environmental impact than you might think. A single watch is unimposing—a small collection of metal and/or plastic (plus wristband materials). Not a big deal in the grand scheme of things.

But then consider the number of affordable watches produced in a year. The timepiece molehill becomes a mountain, and that mountain makes a significant impact on the environment.

Nordgreen is looking to chip down that mountain, one premium wristwatch at a time. Their ultimate goal is to craft a timepiece that is, environmentally speaking, “the next best thing to not wearing a watch”.

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So how did they do it? Nordgreen partnered with experts to redefine which materials provide the greatest amount of corrosion resistance and impact resistance. They calculate and offset their carbon footprint in an effort to become carbon neutral. They even went so far as to factor in the environmental transportation costs of their materials and the finished pieces. 

The end result? Meet The Guardian by Nordgreen, a luxury-level wristwatch that is said to last for 100 years.

Nordgreen: a history of sustainability

Nordgreen is a new kid on the block in the watchmaking world, being founded in 2017 by partners Pascar Sivam and Vasilij Brandt. Its mission statement was simple in concept but would require an astonishing amount of research to accomplish: build aesthetically pleasing timepieces via ecologically sustainable practices.

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Nordgreen has made good on its premise. In fact, despite their youth, the watch company has already come to our notice here at Luxe Digital and even made it onto our list of the best luxury watch brands.

Perhaps the most impressive aspect about Nordgreen (beyond their fine timepieces) is that their commitment to building a better brand of watchmaking company goes beyond just researching sustainable manufacturing methods. 

Nordgreen’s Giving Back Program allows you to direct part of your purchase to be donated to charity organizations.

Impressive as a company in and of itself, Nordgreen is also an invitation to other watchmaking brands to work together to create a more sustainable future for the industry.

Check our in-depth Nordgreen watches reviews to learn more about the brand.

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Unboxing The Guardian by Nordgreen

The box

Nordgreen’s commitment to sustainability extends to the box itself. They partnered with Lost Boys Lab out of Malmo, Sweden, to create printed-to-order cases 3D-printed in a filament made from recycled PET plastic bottles. The cases are then shipped out in electric vans.

The exterior of the box is a sturdy package with a simple white facing, featuring an elegant black font. The real visual impact hits you once you lift off the top to reveal the prize inside—the gleaming silver of The Guardian set against a jet-black series of concentric circles. 

It’s a further nod to sustainability—a package so appealing that you won’t want to throw it away.

Nordgreen The Guardian review sustainable - Luxe Digital

The Guardian

Nordgreen is quickly gaining a reputation for handsome minimalistic designs. The Guardian certainly carries this strong aesthetic approach forward with its easy-to-read white face. But what really makes The Guardian glitter is its polished stainless steel case and strap, made from recycled metal. 

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It turns out that The Guardian is an effective and attractive demonstration that it’s possible to produce an affordable luxury watch with the environment foremost in the creators’ minds. We’d love it if this message resonated with watchmakers everywhere and helped jumpstart a new, and healthier, approach to building luxury brands.

Case sizes: 40mm, 36mm
Material: Recycled S316L stainless steel case and strap
Movement type: Automatic Miyota movement
Water resistance: 10ATM (suitable for snorkeling and surface swimming, not scuba diving)


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