China rocket crash: Debris falling to Earth could hit this Saturday – where will it land?

After the launch of a Long March 5B – China’s biggest and most powerful rocket – last year, parts of the vessel rained over the Ivory Coast.

A similar incident occurred last year as well when the booster stage of a .

Harrowing video footage of the crash site appears to show the rocket narrowly missing a school.

The US Space Force is now tracking the rocket debris, which has been dubbed CZ-5B (2021-035B).

Where will the Chinese rocket debris land?

As of Wednesday morning, the CZ-5B rocket is orbiting the planet at an altitude of about 124 miles (200km).

For comparison, the International Space Station (ISS) circles the globe from an average height of 250 miles (402km).

According to the website, the booster rocket is travelling at speeds of more than 29,000 km/h.