Becker Brakel's Modular Formfleece Seating 

German furniture company Becker Brakel has developed a material called Formfleece, which consists of polyester fiber fleece that they can mold into dimensionally-stable pieces. “It is sound-absorbing, has a warm surface that is independent of the room temperature, and a pleasant felt-like touch,” the company writes.

Furniture designers Miriam and Sebastian Amelung, who operate jointly as Aust & Amelung, collaborated with Becker Brakel to use Formfleece to create these seating prototypes below, called Split.

The seating part of the system consists of just three pieces: The seats, and left-and-right endcaps. They consist of simple frames holding modular Formfleece panels whose molded rims, which are necessary to provide structure, are here used to join together pieces together side-to-side, conceivably infinitely.

Here’s the duo discussing the design process:

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