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Baseball HS brings prime soccer and baseball video games to subscribers to look at: Today’s flip is the ladies’s No. 1 match Hamina – Roihu from 17.25 – Pledge Times

Helsinki During the summer and autumn, the digital subscribers of the messages will be able to watch thirteen football men’s Veikkausliiga and women’s National League, as well as men’s Superpesis and men’s and women’s No. 1 matches on the HS website and the HS application.

Today, Wednesday, the program includes the women’s Ykköspesis A-block match Hamina Palloilijat – Roihu. The broadcast will start at 17.25.

Roihu leads the block before Wednesday’s match. Hamina is fourth in the series, seven points behind Roihu.

broadcasts Match appear to Helsingin Sanomat’s digital subscribers. You can also view them by taking a two-week free sample subscription from Helsingin Sanomat.

Subscribers can watch matches on a computer, tablet or smartphone, for example. The HS app can be downloaded free of charge from the app store.

The subscriber of Printed Helsingin Sanomat can supplement his order with digital reading rights at HS.fi/taydenna. At the same time, the subscriber has access to the entire content of the magazine in digital form.

You can also watch the matches afterwards at HS.fi/live.

Matches and dates:

13.8. Hamina Ballers – Roihu (Women’s First Breed)

16.8. KPL – Tahko (Men’s Superpesis)

26.8. TPS-HIFK (Veikkausliiga)

5.9. Men’s Super Semifinal 1 Semifinal

23.9. FC Inter – FC Honka (Veikkausliiga)

27.9. JyPK – FC Honka (National League)

7.10. HIFK – Ilves (Veikkausliiga)

1.11. TPS – FC Honka (National League)

With the exception of the first-place matches, all matches will be reported.