Autocar confidential: Volkswagen's Vizzion mission, Kia's UK SUV snub and more

In this week’s round-up of automotive gossip, Volkswagen gets ‘vizzionary’, Kia spurns the UK for its new SUV, we chat wheel rims with Audi and more.

Volkswagen’s Vizzion vision

Barely seconds after the covers came off the new VW ID Space Vizzion estate concept in LA, VW USA CEO Scott Keogh confirmed it would make production in 2022. The car is closely linked to the previously shown ID Vizzion saloon concept, and both are likely to carry versions of the ID 5 nameplate. The Space Vizzion will leave VW with three similar-sized estates, beside the Passat and Arteon Shooting Brake. Something will have to give…

Seltos no bueno for UK

Kia had a new SUV at the LA show, but it’s not for the UK. The Seltos is sized between the Stonic and Sportage in European terms, a gap Kia has just filled with the Xceed in Europe. The Seltos will instead be offered in the US, Korea, India and the Middle East.