Announcing the Winners of the 2020 Ultimate Gift Guide Competition, and Your Favorite Gifts of 2020

Another year, another successful Ultimate Gift Guide under our belts, and we’re excited to announce the winners this year in our new and improved “Best Gifts for Every Type of Designer” gift guide competition! This year, winners were selected at random to win one of many exciting prizes.

Our first round of prizes, a series of gifts generously provided by Areaware, Atelier Yul, and Baronfig, are going to three people who participated in the gift guides themselves by sharing some of their favorite gifts to our seven different guides.

The second round of prizes, provided by us at Core77 via our very own Hand Eye Supply, will go to the first 20 readers who submitted at least one gift to all seven of our guides.

And finally, one winner was selected at random from those 20 readers who submitted to all seven gift guides to win House Industries’ Girard Memory Game.

Participation Prizes

The winners of this year’s Ultimate Gift Guide competition are as follows:

This year’s winner of the Areaware surprise product bundle is going to gift guide participant Adam Jossem, who submitted among other great gift suggestions a great Japanese razorsaw! Congrats on your win, Adam.

Our winner of the Atelier Yul Zip Zip carrying case with pencil set, a great accessory for any working designer, is going to Core77 reader James Barnes! We hope you enjoy your fancy new carrying case, James.

And finally, the winner of Baronfig’s Ideas Toolset—a notebook, pen and case fitting for any designer who wants to jot down ideas wherever they go— is Ben Guthrie, who was quite prolific in product entries this year and had some great suggestions such as this super cool wood pellet pizza oven. High-five to Ben!

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Among our 20 Hand Eye Supply winners, one is rising the ranks as the grand prize winner of House Industries’ Alexander Girard Memory Game, a collector’s item fit for a designer’s archives. We’re happy to announce the winner of this game is Gino Madrid, who submitted a number of beautiful midcentury modern gift suggestions to this year’s guides like these nifty retro True-Tone Christmas lights.

Congratulations to all of our winners! We hope to see more of your amazing gift suggestions in next year’s competition.

If you’re still looking for a great last-minute holiday gift, the user-generated gift guides are a great way to find the perfect present for that person in your life who is impossible to shop for. This year, readers were able to vote on their favorites, and a few caught enough attention to make it to the very top of our lists! Here’s a selection of some fan favorites.

This ultra-flexible workspace solution

In our “Work-from-Home Gifts for the Studio Designer“, the clear fan favorite was this Tripod Standing Desk submitted by Harry Neuman. And I thought I was the only trying to make the best of working from my living room this year!

A minimalist bag for designers

In the “Gifts for Designers with Exacting Taste” guide, many of you seemed to favor Atelier Yul’s Carré Mesh Bag, clearly a very stylish option for carrying sketching gear, calipers, and other design-y stuff you tend to throw into your work bag.

The kettle for a perfect pour-over

The “Well-Designed Kitchen Gifts for Food-Loving Designers” had a lot of great gift suggestions, including the very top one: The Stagg Pour-Over Kettle, perfect for brewing your coffee beans at just the right temperature. Because if there’s at least one other thing designers are known for, it’s that we’re veracious coffee snobs.

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A knife fit for your needs in the wilderness

For our “Gifts for the Off-the-Grid Designer” guide, readers opted for gifts that can get you out of any bind, with the ultra-pro SOG Aegis AT Utility Knife taking top honors.

A hex wrench set fit for any scenario

Products in the “Gifts for a Workshop Workhorse” are all quite specialized, but the gift that spoke to many of you workshop workhorses out there was the Wera Multicolor Metric Hex Wrench Set, with a color-coded system that makes it easier to find the tool you need fast.

Cozy wool boots, your new work uniform staple

In the “Cozy Gifts for the Off-Duty Designer” guide, there were a number of products that tied for the top spot, but perhaps the coziest favorite were the Glerups Wool Boots submitted by Alejandro Raygoza. They’ll keep your toes warm, but also can be worn out on your snowy trek to the mailbox this holiday season!

An eco-friendly home essential

The “Sustainable Gifts for the Eco-Minded Designer” was packed with a lot of great suggestions for gifts that will please anyone while also ensuring you’re consuming ethically, and one of the top suggestions came in surprising package: a laundry bottle. Taking the top spot in this guide is Dirty Labs’ Bio Laundry Detergent, which helps even your daily load of laundry get that much more sustainable.

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