A Bicycle With a Frame That's CNC-Milled Out of Solid Aluminum

German bicycle manufacturer Alutech has released an obscenely expensive e-bike called the CNC E-FANES 29/275. The frame is unusual, to say the least: Rather than being composed of welded tubes, it’s CNC-milled from solid billets of 6061 aluminum.

The left and right halves are milled as single pieces, and they’re then welded together in the center. The welds are left visible except for the one atop the downtube, which has been polished.

You’ve got your choice of two Shimano batteries: The 504Wh 8035, or the 630Wh 8036. If you go with the 8035, the bike rings in at €15,999.90 (USD $19,000); if you go with the 8036 and order the extra battery option, the price is €17,198.90 (USD $20,448).

Price sound a bit steep? Well, good news if you live where it’s manufactured: “For employees in Germany,” the product page says, “it is possible to lease this item.”