5 best Samsung VPN to download on your Smart TV – T3

For those looking to stream content from overseas and better protect their connection while using their Samsung Smart TV, the best VPN can help with that. Giving you the lowdown on the best Samsung VPN, whether through Smart DNS or a router VPN, we’ll explain all the perks of equipping your Samsung TV with a VPN and our top choices on which provider to go for.

Hosting a whole network of servers spread out across the world, by connecting to a Samsung VPN you can achieve better online anonymity and potentially access content from foreign libraries. For instance, in the US you can connect to a server in the UK and watch Friends as apart of your Netflix subscription rather than splashing out on HBO Max. You can also gain access to BBC iPlayer’s library of free-to-stream content, which without a VPN you’ll find geo-restricted to those based in the UK.


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