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Check out the 15 funniest Petrol Shortage memes as Twitter reacts to the UK’s crazy panic buying habits which have led to a lack of fuel in the country.

Keep reading as we explore the hilarious response to Britain’s supposed hysteria along with a viral reporters reaction to his newly trending tweet, below.

15 funniest Petrol Shortage memes

It seems as though the BBC chose the ideal reporter to cover the petrol shortage story, going by the name of Phil McCann.

Get it? Slightly ironic when drivers are eager for the fuel stations to fill up their cans…

A British pub turned the hysteria into a trendy marketing trick as they jokingly reported a lack of beer, hoping for customers to make use of their panic buying habits.

How about another play on nominative determinism, the theory that people are psychologically predisposed to pursue occupations that resemble their names.

“Which Spice Girl can still get petrol? Geri can.”

Another user used the famous children’s book, We’re Going on a Bear Hunt, to add humour to the insane panic buying.

Using a well-known meme of UK rapper Roll Safe, some reacted to the drivers who decided to waste fuel while on the search for fuel…

Electric car owners are simply sat back laughing with nothing to worry about.

Panic buyers are also being urged to stock up on other protective items…

Boris Johnson parody accounts used hilarious imagined scenarios to implicate The Government’s reaction to the alleged petrol and food shortage.

Some even jokingly suggested a tweet posted by British politician Nadine Dorries would solve all panic buying problems.

In reference to 2020’s toilet roll panic buyers, people humorously joked they are searching for an exchange of products.

Memes surrounding bags of fuel are even spiralling the internet.

Or, why not just push your car?

Twitter reacts to UK’s panic buying

Twitter users described the panicking petrol buyers to be the same citizens who stocked up on toilet roll in lockdown.

Others suggested that the UK lack common sense as opposed to fuel.

Angry responses contained excessively capitalised tweets.

So, is there really a shortage? Shell Service Station, the multinational oil and gas company took to Twitter to explain that they were not short of fuel and encouraged customers to “turn off the TV.”

Potential online learning was even mentioned as a consequence of the supposed shortage.

Phill McCann responds to his viral tweet

While his name was hilariously featured in various viral tweets, Phill McCann soon responded to the jokes.

The BBC correspondent described the situation as alike being back in Year 9 of school.

McCann’s name even began trending in the entertainment section of Twitter!

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